Money Minute: Investment Strategies for Women

Money Minute: Investment Strategies for Women


We are all aware of the realities that women statistically live longer, women are caretakers that will sometimes choose a career interruption to care for parents or children, and 90% will be solely responsible for their finances within their lifetime.  At age 65, a woman can expect to live another 20.6 years, compared with 18 years for a man.*

But why is investing for women truly different when the underlying mechanics of buying stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are the same as investing for men? The bottom line is that women are generally more goal oriented when they think about money. The motivations to save, invest, and earn are usually grounded in a woman’s vision for her and her family’s well-being. A woman reviews her financial plan in terms of how well it matches her big picture goals, instead of a race to a certain number.

After assessing the larger questions of what goals are important and how to achieve them, the actual mechanics of the portfolio, such as asset allocation and diversification, represent tools to achieve the objective. Also, surveys indicate that generally women tend to have additional advantages of doing more research, trading less, remaining calmer during market upheavals, and are better at matching their investments to their goals.

“Women approach risk differently than men do. Studies show that men are more inclined to behave like baseball sluggers, who swing for the fences, even if it means running the risk of striking out far more often. Women, by contrast, are more like contact hitters, who are satisfied with a string of singles.”  The Secrets of Women Investors – Kiplinger April 2016.

Working with a financial professional will provide the benefits of:

  • Helping you identify the big picture
  • Working with you to create a financial strategy
  • Choosing investment options to match your short- and long-term goals
  • Monitoring your plan and adjusting as needed
  • Keeping you up to date on new legislation and tax changes

SVA Plumb Financial understands that it’s important to focus on your goals. We utilize strategic investment options and implement allocation tools for our clients’ benefit, to maximize your resources and concentrate on achieving financial stability for your family.

*Source: NCHS Data Brief, Number 267, December 2016

All information herein has been prepared solely for informational purposes only and opinions are subject to change. Past performance is not indicative of future results and all investments involve the risk of loss of principle. For information on how these general principles apply to your situation, consult an investment professional.

Article Topic Expert: Debbie Oswald

Debbie is a Principal with SVA Plumb Wealth Management, LLC. With more than twenty-five years experience in investment management, consulting, trust services, retirement plans, and financial planning, Debbie assists affluent clients with establishing wealth management strategies to achieve their financial goals.

Debbie proactively coordinates tax and legal resources as appropriate to provide comprehensive planning for her clients.

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